• New Rebar Forging Machine

    New Rebar Forging Machine

    New Generation of Forging Machine

    Half a Minute to Finish the Forging Step

    Fully Numerical Control

    Low Cost and High Effectiveness

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  • 2234-480x340

    CABR Rebar Coupler

    100% Bar Break Performance

    Factory and Worksite Fabrication

    Reliable Ductility

    Easy Inspection

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  • CABR-Rebar-Anchor-Plate-480x340

    CABR Rebar Anchor Plate

    High Strength and Reliable Performance

    A way to replace lapped connection

    Reduced Congestion

    Save Time and Cost

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  • CABR Rebar Machinery

    CABR Rebar Machinery

    100% Quality Guarantee

    Suitable for Factory and Worksite

    Free Technical Training

    Local Customization

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